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lucky , and shifted from a discussion on culture and coaching to one about Frost. "If you want to know the real Scott," Moos said Osborne told him, "'I can tell you, but so can Matt Davison.' As soon as Coach [Osborne] left, I had Matt in my office within 15 minutes."

Davison, of course, had already been talking to Frost. "Matt's role was pestering me until I got here," Frost said. Davison, in fact, after a Friday night Nebraska win at Illinois, had visited Frost in Orlando on Sept. 30 and watched the Knights beat Memphis to improve to 3-0.
"I want what's best for him," Davison said. "I want him to be happy. And I knew he was happy in Orlando. He was happy with his family. And he had a lot going on this fall. He has a lovely wife and a new son. And they were in the midst of an undefeated season. I mean, wow, that's a lot. I was respectful of that."
But Davison made feelings clear to Frost. "I felt like right now was the right time for him to the coach here," Davison said. Frost had questions. He didn't know Nebraska's administrative leadership, including Moos. Davison was the conduit. "I had a series of conversations with Matt, so he could get a feel for me," Moos said. "And then he relayed what I'm about to Scott, because Scott has trust in Matt."
ON NOV. 17, a Friday night after Frost had completed preparation with the Knights for their game the next day with Temple, he met Davison in a Philadelphia hotel suite. Davison was in New York on Nov. 16 to call a Nebraska basketball game at St. John's. He traveled by train to Philly and met Moos and his wife, Kendra. Frost came to the meeting with Gerrod Lambrecht, his high school teammate from back in Nebraska and chief of Kirk Gibson Authentic Jersey staff at UCF.
Kendra Nolan Cromwell Jersey Moos arranged for snacks and sodas in the room and grilled Frost for details on his newborn son. The five of them sat around a table and talked for more than an hour. "I didn't need to know a lot about this program," Frost said. "I'm from here. I know what it's all about, what it could be, what the potential is. So it just took me being comfortable with the leadership here and the timing."
Moos and Frost clicked in that first meeting. "We just had a casual conversation, and it got comfortable quick because you had great people in the room," said Davison, in line for an associate AD spot in the wake of Frost's hire. "I mean, look at Bill Moos. You couldn't have picked a better man to lead this program right now. Ben Gedeon Jersey Them getting along was never going to be a problem."
Davison joined Moos and his wife for a charter flight across Pennsylvania to State College, where Penn State throttled Nebraska one day later. Frost's Knights beat Temple 45-19 to move to 10-0. After the win, he refuted rumors that Nebraska had made a contract offer. "Totally false," he said at the time. And technically that was right. Moos did not make an offer, but he felt good about his top choice.
"Bill was very excited about Scott," said Bounds, who talked by phone with Moos after the Philadelphia meeting. "He'd heard a lot about [Frost] but didn't know him. Making certain that you've got the right person is so critical -- beyond the X's and O's." From there, Moos stayed patient. He sent one text to Frost, wishing him luck on the field.
Moos watched as Florida and Tennessee pursued candidates, including Frost. "Nagging and hounding," as Moos described it. "I could sense and knew through Matt," Moos said, "that did not resonate with Scott." RILEY WAS FIRED on Nov. 25. The offer to Frost -- seven years, $35 million -- was quickly conveyed from John Jentz, Nebraska's chief financial officer, to Frost's agent, Jordan Bazant. Frost returned a signed memorandum of understanding on Nov. 27, the Monday before UCF had a rematch with Memphis in the AAC title game.
In two sessions with the media on that same day, Frost expressed his appreciation for the Knights, who finished 0-12 in 2015, the season before he and his staff arrived in Orlando. His emotional tone, though, appeared to indicate that Frost was preparing to say goodbye to UCF.,104109
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