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Power-starved Red Sox must lure Giancarl

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# 24.11.2017 - 08:53:06

BOSTON -- Dave Dombrowski sat behind a desk in a hotel suite at the winter meetings last December, a hot-off-the-presses copy of the new collective bargaining agreement in his hand, and claimed the Red Sox "don't have a driving force Womens T. J. Jones Jersey to make a big deal." A day later, they traded for Chris Sale.

The point here isn't to rail against Dombrowski for being misleading. He hasn't survived 40 years in major league front offices by telegraphing every move. Sometimes, it's actually better for business if the Red Sox president isn't entirely transparent.

Let that serve as context, then, for what Dombrowski said last week. As industry insiders guess which marquee slugger -- J.D. Martinez, Eric Hosmer or Giancarlo Stanton -- the starving-for-power Red Sox will acquire this winter, Dealin' Dave suggested they might seek a less expensive option and save the big bucks to make long-term contract offers to their young players. Believe him? You shouldn’t.
Only an astronomer loves stars more than Dombrowski. And he isn't afraid to make big moves. So, with the Red Sox still lacking a true middle-of-the-order bopper 13 months after David Ortiz played his final game, there's really only one name that should be at the top of Dombrowski's offseason wish list.
"Stanton," one American League talent evaluator said this week when asked to choose, based strictly on their talent, between Martinez, Hosmer and Stanton.
This is about more than merely talent, of course. Although the Derek Jeter-led Miami Marlins are serious about moving Stanton in order to reset their payroll, the 28-year-old outfielder has a no-trade clause and a strong preference to play in California.
One source said last week that Stanton is open-minded about a trade to any team, but another major league source guessed it's "less than 50-50" that the Los Angeles native would approve a trade Deion Sanders Womens Jersey to the Red Sox as long as all West Coast options haven't been exhausted. Maybe Stanton won't come to Boston. But for a slugger of Stanton's caliber, even with 10 years and $295 million left on his contract, the Red Sox need to find out for sure.
Homers were hit at a record pace last season, but the Red Sox missed the memo. They went deep only 168 times, fewest in the league. Of the 74 players who hit at least 25 homers, none was part of Boston's lineup. Deposed manager John Farrell used seven players in the cleanup spot, evidence he had plenty of No. 2 and No. 6 hitters but no true middle-of-the-order force.
Stanton is more than that. He's a unicorn, the kind of hitter who keeps fans from spending an inning at the concession stand if there's a reasonable chance Authentic Robert Covington Jersey he might come to the plate. He's a transcendent slugger -- and not just because he just hit 59 home runs, including 33 in 73 games (272 at-bats) after the All-Star break, and was crowned National League MVP.
Consider this: Since he debuted for the Marlins in 2010, Stanton has 267 homers, fourth most in the majors. And he's fourth all time in home run rate, averaging one per 13.4 at-bats. Only Mark McGwire (10.61), Babe Ruth (11.76) and Barry Bonds (12.92) went deep more often than Stanton through his first eight big-league seasons.
A right-handed hitter with immense size (6-foot-6, 245 pounds) and brute strength, Stanton has been an equal-opportunity masher, crushing lefties with ferocity (.293/.393/.632) and doing ample damage against righties (.261/.350/.532). And at age 28, he's firmly in his prime.
The acquisition cost might not be overly steep, either. Indications are the Marlins are more concerned with moving Stanton's salary than getting back a raft of talent. Dombrowski has drained the Red Sox's farm system over the past two years with trades for Craig Kimbrel, Drew Pomeranz, Tyler Thornburg and Sale, but there's likely enough left to build a deal for Stanton if the Sox pick up the majority of the $295 million.
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