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While only a few colors of the Curry 4's

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# 25.11.2017 - 03:48:07

lineup have hit retail stores so far this fall, the shoe was actually first debuted earlier this spring at Game 1 of the NBA Finals. With several gold-accented pairs at his disposal, Curry urged the team at Under Armour to let him make use of the platform and wear the shoe months early, in what eventually was a third consecutive Finals matchup between the Warriors and Cavaliers.

"We gave him a sample in his size last December, and he wanted to wear them all the time," Neumann said. "That was kind of an indicator for us that he really liked the shoe. When it came to practice, he wanted to keep playing it in, and then wear it outside of practice." It wasn't until June that the debut of the new model was ready for public eyes.

"Nobody knew it was coming, but I had been planning on it for a while," Curry said. "I wear-tested it throughout the year to dial it in, and was obviously hoping to make it to the Finals to take advantage of the opportunity. It was almost like starting a new season. When you wear a new pair of shoes, you feel a little bit different."
For Neumann, it was a moment every designer dreams of, as his reimagined take on a Curry signature model was now forever etched in the memory of basketball lore, with even more potential for the sneaker in store this season.
"I was super nervous, because I just wanted the shoe to perform," Neumann said. "Him putting it on, and seeing the positive feedback on Instagram from people that were interested in it, that got me excited. The fact that he played well in it, from the first game and all the way through, I couldn't ask for more." "Every time I look at this shoe, I can remember winning a ring," Curry said. "It's special."
As 5-year old Gavin Heileman stood at the foot of the stage, minutes from his turn in the spotlight, Isaiah Thomas took Gavin's hand and held it tightly while the pair awaited their cue. Thomas was Gavin's chaperone at the Cleveland Cavaliers' annual "Big Shots and Little Stars" fundraiser for the Flashes Buffalo Sabres Jersey of Hope charity, and though each player was randomly matched with a child for the evening, there was something about the two that just fit.
"I got little boys, so I know how that is," Thomas says. "He held his hand out, and I just grabbed it."
Thomas, Curtis Granderson Womens Jersey generously listed at 5-foot-9 and playing a sport that sends scouts literally all over the world to find the tallest athletes, inexplicably found a way to thrive in the NBA's spotlight after being selected with the last pick, No. 60, in the 2011 draft.
After a career year with the Boston Celtics last season -- averaging 28.9 points and 5.9 assists in the regular season, then 23.3 points and 6.7 assists in a postseason run that ended with a loss to the Cavs in the conference finals -- Thomas wasn't supposed to be here. Not in Cleveland. Not with a hurt hip. Not in a contract year with millions of dollars on the line.
Gavin wasn't supposed to be here, either. Not with anaplastic astrocytoma. Not two years removed from the discovery of a grade III brain tumor when he was Authentic Terrell Davis Jersey just 3 years old. Not having overcome seizures and chemotherapy and loss of feeling in the right side of his body all before enrolling in elementary school.
Flashes of Hope brought them together. Since it began in Cleveland in 2001, the organization has photographed tens of thousands of kids fighting cancer, capturing a still image of each child to help serve as a confidence booster while they cope with the disease.
This year's "Big Shots and Little Stars" -- in Thomas' case, the "big" wasn't quite as literal -- raised a record $1.15 million, with 150 volunteers helping to bring the "Alice in Wonderland" theme to life. Alonzo Mourning Jersey Actors came dressed as characters such as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, and the night marked the first time Gavin dressed in a bowtie to complement his three-piece suit. Thomas chided Gavin a bit for his white socks and black shoes combo giving him a Michael Jackson look.
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