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Jaromir Jagr, the NHL's youth movement,

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# 25.11.2017 - 08:43:39

It's Thanksgiving week in the U.S., which Shaquill Griffin Jersey means it's time to recognize the important things in life, like sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie and those dinner rolls that somehow manage to be light and heavy, which is a neat trick. h, and being thankful for all that life has provided us. That too.

When it comes to hockey, we have plenty for which to be thankful. So we asked a collection of NHL players, hockey personalities and the puckheads here at ESPN for the hockey-centric things that warm their hearts, whether it's something about the sport in general, this season in the league or memories from yesteryear.

I'm thankful for the joy that hockey brings me, when I play and I skate. I'm very thankful for the friendships I have. I don't know if I really have any friendships that aren't because of hockey. Basically, everywhere I've been, and everyone I've met, it's because I was there for hockey, or because they've been teammates in the past. I have pretty much everything to thank hockey for.
Thankfulness and gratitude are not a monorail to joy, but true happiness does not happen without being thankful and grateful. Hockey has often been at the hub of my happiness in between moments of anxiety, fear, bleakness, change and heartache. I'm thankful for that. I'm thankful for the game, the players, front-office personnel, fellow media and mostly, you, the fan.
As a small boy I was most comfortable at my dad's hip. My skinny self felt safe next to his thick forearms and his passion for sports (he played goalie without a mask in high school in the 1940s) and his love of music. Dad loved hockey, I love hockey. Dad sang in the car, I sing in the car. Dad would take me to a couple of NHL games in person every season, and I never wanted the games to end. When we skated on ponds, we would skate for hours and hours. I'm thankful Cameron Brate Jersey this remarkably textured game was part of my youth.
When I became a dad, hockey was always a spoke to joy and gratefulness. At work and at home. From 1998 to 2004, I hosted NHL 2night while also having two boys play hockey. I was never happier. The joy of work, family, fatherhood and
hockey intersecting like never before or since. The boys have grown and don't play anymore, the backyard rink is now melted forever, and for now, hockey doesn't dominate my work. We don't control the length of our blissful moments, but we can still be thankful for them even if they only lasted for a short time; it's the same as feeling it forever. It happened. It's forever. Thanks, hockey. You've made all the difference.
I am thankful for the people in hockey. After switching beats from the NFL, it was daunting to cover a sport where I barely had connections. I cannot count how many hockey people -- from ex-players to GMs -- found out
I was a rookie and said, "Reach out if you ever need anything." It's that community that makes hockey special. I'm Wade Boggs Jersey also thankful for hockey language. Over the past six months, my vocabulary has been enhanced by words like "celly" and "chiclets." (Why would you ever use the word "teeth" when you can call them "chiclets"?) My friends have no idea why I keep saying "beauty." I called an arena a "barn" last week without trying to be ironic. I firmly believe life is better when these words are used on a day-to-day basis.
Instead, Jagr got a contract with the Calgary Flames, which means a full season of Jagr assaulting the record books, Jagr defying the expectations for what a 45-year-old athlete can accomplish and Jagr extolling his Hockey Jedi wisdom during every tour stop with bon mots like, "If someone loses their speed, they are going to replace him with somebody quicker. That's why you have to have something that nobody has, so that they can't replace you."
I love that Jagr still exists in the same way that I love that Paul McCartney exists. Yes, it's much more about what they've accomplished than what they will accomplish. But Womens Tennessee Titans Jersey what a rare joy it is to be able to point to someone and exclaim that they're a god-level virtuoso in what they do, and that you know they're thankful for each day they can continue to do it. So in turn, I'm thankful for the chance to witness that.
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