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I'm not sure there's a strong case to in

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# 27.11.2017 - 06:57:34

Bridgewater as the starter right now, and that's coming from someone who loves Bridgewater and thinks he's a franchise quarterback. It's not as if making the change to Bridgewater would unlock some new stylistic or schematic possibilities for the

Vikings in the way that, say, swapping Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick worked for the 49ers or Patrick Mahomes for Smith might work for the Chiefs. Keenum and Bridgewater are both going to succeed with their accuracy at the expense of marginal arm strength while using their footwork and instincts within the pocket to avoid big hits.

At the same time, Keenum is doing a better job of playing the Bridgewater role than Bridgewater ever did in his NFL career. Keenum's numbers across the board in 2017 -- particularly his remarkably low sack rate -- top Bridgewater's marks before the torn ACL. While it's fair to say that Bridgewater possesses more upside than we would have expected Keenum to hold before the season, the best-case scenario for a Bridgewater campaign in 2017 would look a lot like what we're seeing from Keenum right now.
Given how he has played, it seems fair for the Vikings to give Keenum both the job and a reasonable leash on his role. He shouldn't be one bad game or one bad pass from being benched, though it seems fair to give Bridgewater the nod if Keenum pieces together a couple of mediocre performances. If the Vikings lock themselves into a playoff berth by Week 17, it would seem logical to name Keenum the postseason starter and give Bridgewater the final game of the season against the Bears to get loose in case he's needed during the playoffs.
Teddy Bridgewater hasn't played since the end of the 2015 season, in which he threw 14 touchdown passes and nine interceptions while completing 65.3 percent of his passes. Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Will the Vikings re-sign Keenum?
Perhaps most fascinating of all is what comes next. All three of the Vikings' quarterbacks are due to become unrestricted free agents after the season, and there's no clear favorite among the three as to who might come back for 2018. Bradford played well given the circumstances last season, and though his knee might give the Vikings pause in handing
out a long-term deal, Minnesota might be amenable to a short-term deal. Bridgewater was an organizational favorite before his own knee injury and would likely come cheaply, given the missing years on his résumé. And given how Keenum has played, why wouldn't the Vikings consider giving him a raise and locking him in for the next year or two?
Most teams would love to have these sorts of problems and think the issue of infrastructure for the Vikings makes it less important for them to re-sign any of these guys. They don't need a ton out of their quarterback to win, and they've managed to succeed over most of the past three seasons with three guys who were either unwanted by most of the league or desperate acquisitions just before the season started. (Their one dismal stretch, the second half of 2016, came as the defense declined.)
I wouldn't say the Vikings can plug anybody in at quarterback and succeed, but as long as the coaching staff, the defense and the offensive line are here to stay, Minnesota might Adam Larsson Jersey be better off opting for low-cost, high-accuracy options at
quarterback and using the savings to re-sign future free agents such as Anthony Barr, Stefon Diggs and Danielle Hunter. If that means giving Keenum a raise to $7.5 million per season or signing Bridgewater to a team-friendly extension, that seems smart. If it means importing a veteran (and possible Draymond Green Authentic Jersey free agent) such as Alex Smith or Tyrod Taylor who might be willing to take less money in search of a ring, that could work too.
As for Keenum, he has certainly graduated from below-level backup money to the highest tier of backups, which should put him in the $6 million to $7 Womens Wade Boggs Jersey million per season range this offseason. What comes next will determine whether he goes any higher. The league decided a long time ago that Keenum was likely to fail as a pro, and he spent most of his
time in the NFL confirming that belief. Now that he's succeeding, he'll have to prove the consensus wrong time and again before he gets his chance. Even if Keenum isn't this good the rest of the way, he should land on a cushion of life-changing money Bronson Kaufusi Authentic Jersey when he falls back to earth.
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