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Friday, however, is the only day the sch

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can lay claim to being a catalyst of civic unity. High schools have gradually become segregated again in Orange County, where Authentic Michael Johnson Jersey the town of Orange is the only one with a population above 11,000. Most white residents in town send kids 20 minutes north to Little

Cypress-Mauriceville High or west to Orangefield High, where four out of five students are white. The county's other high schools -- Bridge City and Vidor -- have similar demographics. Vidor, 20 miles west, was immortalized on a 1993 cover of Texas Monthly featuring a Klansman and the words "Texas' most hate-filled town."

"Orange has some of the tendencies of Vidor, just not as violent," says Walter Buenger, chief historian of the Texas State Historical Association and a professor at Texas. "They all have that KKK undertone." Even Earl III, whose success at Texas and in the NFL would presumably let him go anywhere with little trouble, avoids Vidor. "I'm not going over there," he says, his face crinkling.
By contrast, West Orange-Stark's numbers are the inverse of the city's: Two-thirds of its students are black, compared with one-third of the town. "We've had a lot of people move their families," says Thompson, who is white. "But our African-American athletes are still here."
Town lines are brazenly drawn. Last year a meme of a black player with the words "You will always be a n-----" was sent by at least two Bridge City players to a West Orange-Stark player, who then tweeted it out. Bridge City's administration apologized and said the players would be disciplined but did not say how. The teams didn't shake hands after the Mustangs' 55-0 win.
So it is that on most fall Friday nights, aging white alums fill the bleachers of Dan R. Hooks Stadium to watch a championship team of mostly black teenagers represent the best that Orange has to offer.
THE TEXAS DIVISION of the Sons of Confederate Veterans had different ideas about what Orange might project to the outside world. A weathered circular concrete pedestal with 13 columns (one per Confederate state) rests on unkempt grass, like ruins of a fallen civilization. Plans for the monument called for as many as 40 poles topped with battle flags. "Your support will enable passengers
in over 55,000 cars per day [to] see Confederate Flags flying proudly in the Texas breeze," read a flyer for the Confederate Memorial of the Wind. Instead, a project once lauded as the largest of its ilk in 100 years languishes alongside I-10. "That's a cloud hanging overhead," Mayor Jimmy Sims says. "I don't want it there."
In March 2009, the Orange County commission proclaimed April as Confederate History and Heritage Month. It didn't draw much notice until after January 2013, when Orange resident Granvel Block, a commander for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, was given a city permit for a "veteran's memorial" on private land he'd bought alongside I-10. Local activists didn't take long to mount opposition.
"Here's what they did to try to spite us," says Henry Lowe, who's working to create a local museum of black history. "What we objected to was it being on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It was a slap in the face."
Soon after, the Beaumont Enterprise ran an editorial: "Simply put, it would be divisive and offensive. ... No one else in Orange wants this and many strongly oppose it."
However, in an online poll, 74 percent of more than 400 respondents chose "Yes. The Confederate Army and Civil War are part of our history." And Block, in a post titled "Call to Arms" on the Texas SCV Facebook page, claimed polls by The Orange Leader and a radio station showed similar support.
City officials, who had been legally bound to issue the permit, fought Drazen Petrovic Authentic Jersey back by mandating limits on the size of flagpoles and flags and enacting strict parking rules. The site has sat idle since, though the flag of the Army of the Trans-Mississippi, the last major Confederate command to surrender, was raised there in September Gabe Jackson Womens Jersey 2016. (Block didn't respond to a request for comment.),75115
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