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If these free agents snooze, they could

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# 30.11.2017 - 06:51:52

No major league free agents have put ink on new contracts in the weeks since the official opening of free-agent season, but that's a state of affairs that's unlikely to last. With more than 150 MLB free agents, it makes sense for some players to sign with a new team quickly -- or else risk falling through the offseason cracks as Mark Trumbo did last year.

Free agency is a game of musical chairs, albeit one that tends to be a bit more lucrative than the version you played in kindergarten. Here are some free agents who would be wise to sign sooner rather than later.
In this space last year, one name Jamie Benn Womens Jersey I suggested sign quickly was Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. It wasn't that either the ZiPS projection system or myself thought that he'd be a poor signing -- ZiPS thought he should flirt with nine figures -- but because there were only a few teams really hunting for a third baseman.
On top of that, Stanton has emerged as the darling of a hot stove whisper mill in which absolutely nothing of consequence has happened. Will he be traded? Who can take on that contract? Can the Marlins get both salary relief and quality prospects?
Will Stanton accept a trade to the West Coast? It's all great fun. But what seems to be lost in this flurry of rumors and speculations is the fact that as dominant as Stanton was in 2017, and as big a star as he already is, think of what he'd be if he played for the Yankees, or the Dodgers, this past season?
It's not just about an uptick in visibility, either. Stanton has played the past few years in Marlins Park, which over the past three years has been the harshest run-scoring environment in the National League, according to the 2018 Bill James Handbook. It's been exceptionally tough on right-handed power hitters. Stanton doesn't hit many fence-scrapers, but think what his homer total could have been in Yankee Stadium, for instance.
All of this what-if stuff is relevant because it looks likely that Stanton will be changing teams, freshly forged MVP trophy and all. Depending on the situation, Stanton could benefit greatly from the switch, whether it's because of his new park, the contention status of his new team or the size of his new market. This all marks Stanton as not just baseball's premier change-of-scenery candidate this offseason, but one of the great ones of recent years.
There are others. There are always others. Let's look at prime change-of-scenery candidates, each selected by considering the candidacy through the viewpoint of the player. These are all trade candidates -- no free agents included. This is an exercise in perception, of course. It's hard to get in the head of, say, Alex Gordon and weigh Justin Hardy Youth jersey how much he'd like to get a shot at the new short porch in Atlanta, for instance.
Right now, Jay Jaffe's JAWS system has Longoria at No. 21 all-time among third baseman. Over the past four seasons, Longoria has averaged about 3.5 WAR per season. Five more seasons of that would put him right at the Hall of Fame average for third basemen. His peak WAR would be about average as well, perhaps a tick below, which is why another big season or two would help his case.
However, in the James book, Longoria so far comes up short in the revised version of the Hall of Fame monitor, with a score of 44. The monitor system tallies up a player's individual accomplishments such as statistical milestones and award recognition.
(Longoria's score in the book does not reflect his 2017 Gold Glove, which was announced after publication.) The soft cut-off in the Hall monitor is 100, so Longoria has some work to do. For comparison: If Longoria hits those average-ish Hall benchmarks in the JAWS system, he'll be in the same neighborhood as Scott Rolen. However, Rolen stacked up 82 Hall monitor points, which puts him the general range of candidacy by that system.
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