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Several general managers interviewed by

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# 02.12.2017 - 07:58:20

com said their team-building calculations go well beyond a single number. With the advent of more sophisticated metrics, MLB clubs have a mass of statistical information to assess how players Calvin Pickard Jersey can contribute at the plate, in the field and on the basepaths.

"We all follow the trends,'' Chernoff said. "At the same time, when we are actually evaluating players, we're just looking at overall run production and prevention on both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively. We have our ways of quantifying that. You add it up and come up with your list of players. I don't think we're ultra-focused on exactly how a guy does it.

"There are certain attributes we're looking for that could be a good fit for our team, but we're not sitting there stacking up home run vs. home run. We're Taijuan Walker Jersey stacking up overall production vs. overall production.''
The Boston Red Sox are trying to upgrade their lineup's production against an intriguing backdrop. Last season, they ranked last in the American League with 168 home runs, marking the first time since 1993 that they claimed that distinction. Now GM David Dombrowski's list of offseason targets includes both Martinez, a 45-homer man, and Eric Hosmer, who looks like a sure bet to fetch a $100 million-plus deal even though he has yet to surpass 25 homers in seven big-league seasons.
"You don't ever want to look down on hitting a home run because they're always nice,'' Dombrowski said. "We want a bat for the middle of the lineup, but it's more about run production than necessarily home runs.''
Some executives work to fill their teams' biggest voids while balancing personal preferences. Angels GM Billy Eppler, who is shopping for an upgrade at second base or possibly third, developed an appreciation for high-OBP guys while working in the Yankees' organization under Gene Michael and Brian Cashman.
"My biggest mentors were very on-base-oriented,'' Eppler said. "Stick [Michael] started to build the organization that way in the '90s, and it's something that's been ingrained in me. I look at it in a very simple way: There are only two outcomes when you step in the batter's box. You're either on base or in the dugout. Those are the only two things that can happen. And we're trying to get more guys who don't go in the dugout and get on base.
"[Players] do it in different ways. Some guys do it with a huge slug and lower average and on-base [percentage]. Some guys do it through average and on base. And some guys help you through their defensive ability. I'm trying to grow the differential as much as possible. That's my process, and I focus on that process.''
The offseason has already moved at a glacial pace, and the glut of power bats could result in some anxious hitters and agents come January. When teams are choosing from a menu of Logan Morrison, Lucas Duda, Adam Lind, Yonder Alonso and Mitch Moreland, they might find the distinctions so negligible that it pays to wait until January to see who blinks first and signs for the most team-friendly price.
Bargain hunters welcome that trend. Tampa Bay, which sported MLB's 28th-lowest payroll on Opening Day, ranked sixth in the game with 228 home runs in 2017. Morrison, Steven Souza Jr. and Corey Dickerson contributed a total of 95 homers while earning a little more than $6 million combined. But the Rays also incurred some collateral damage: They ranked 22nd in baseball with a .317 OBP while amassing a league-high 1,538 strikeouts.
"Anytime we're in the free-agent market, we're always looking for value,'' said Chaim Bloom, Tampa Bay's senior vice president of baseball operations. "I think some of what led us Jonathan Huberdeau Youth jersey to the team we had this past year was just an attempt to find offense in any form we could. It led us to some guys who provided it through power. But there are different ways that guys can provide value.''
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