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But my bigger issue with the reaction to

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# 04.12.2017 - 06:49:37

on Russell last night: Jermaine Gresham Youth jersey How did we arrive at this place in sports where every screw-up needs to be humanized? Where a sweeping, emotional response by a frustrated fan gets "well, actually'd" by the media because some guy showed up to answer questions after a hockey game and his teammates didn't throw him under the bus? Was it because Bill Buckner and Scott Norwood never lived it down? Was it because of Steve Bartman?

It's escapism. We're in on the joke. Like, we get it: A real hero is fighting on the front lines in Afghanistan; he's not scoring a shootout goal in the ninth round on a Tuesday night against the Coyotes.

But we still call that player "a hero" because it's all preposterous make-believe, just like we can still call Kris Russell "the guy who cost his team a point last night" because he literally did. Maybe it's the Gotham in me, but I recall sports columnists taking joy in lighting up mistakes like this rather than acting as crisis PR for them. Don't feel guilty about your emotional response Bob Gainey Authentic Jersey to something designed to elicit emotional responses, as long as that response is in proportion.
Vancouver Canucks center Brendan Gaunce's first and only Authentic Mark Glowinski Jersey NHL goal came on Oct. 30, 2015. He has now gone more than a full season's worth of games without another one -- 85 games to be exact, from 2015 through Thursday night, the longest drought for an active forward.
"Let me check my calendar," quipped Canucks coach Travis Green to ESPN this week. "It looks like he's got his legs under him. He's had some good looks ... look, it's not easy to score. Guys who are 20- or 30-goal scorers, they make a s---load of money. He's a young guy trying to find his way. He's playing well."
Gaunce was selected at No. 26 in the 2012 NHL draft after netting 82 goals in his four junior seasons with the OHL's Belleville Bulls. He has scored 32 goals in 129 AHL games with Utica, playing under Green before the latter was promoted to Canucks coach. But in the NHL ... one goal in 86 games. "I don't think we need to add pressure on him that he has to score. He has to put himself in a position to score, and be a player who plays in the other zone, and not his," Green said.
I counted: There were 14 seconds between the zone entry and the Avalanche goal that would have ended the game at that moment. Fourteen seconds for the Jets to clear. Fourteen seconds of all manner and sort of things to happen to prevent the goal.
The coach's challenge for offside takes too many goals off the board as it is, but this is lunacy. Some have suggested a time limit on how much zone time a team has before the offside becomes invalid. How about we just limit the challenges to goals scored off the rush that are offside plays, rather than after a team has cycled around for 14 seconds?
Jason Boterill offers a state-of-the-Buffalo Sabres address to The Buffalo News. On Jack Eichel: "There's mixed reviews I'm sure for Jack because of the offensive production. ... But what I've absolutely loved from Jack is that competitive nature that he has and has shown. He's interacted with Phil, and he wants to improve as a player. [Buffalo News] Alex Prewitt on the sick flow of hockey hair you see in warmups. [SI]
Dave Lozo on the resurgence of Alex Ovechkin this season. "In this modern era, when defenses are at their most intricate, what Ovechkin is doing should not be possible. The only thing that will keep Ovechkin from being elected to the All-Star Game will be rampant and easily identifiable voter fraud." [Vice]
Drew Doughty's delightful game, in which he pumps up his free-agent contract value with vague comments about the future, continues: "I know I'm going to talk to [Erik] Karlsson back and forth, kind of see what money he's looking for. ... I'll kind of look at what money I'm looking for. I don't know if he's going to re-sign with Ottawa. I don't know if I'll re-sign with L.A. You just never know what's going to happen." [The Athletic]
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