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Billie Jean King was born and raised Billie Jean Moffit on Nov. 22 Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , 1943, in southern, California. In Billie Jean?s first years Billie Jean was an talented softball player ,nevertheless, Billie Jean understood that there was no significant potential for a woman in softball. Billie Jean?s parents introduced Billie Jean?s to the sport of tennis, the game that would change Billie Jean?s career prospects and the lives of ot Billie Jean?s ladies.

Billie Jean originally acheieved praise after capturing the women's doubles championship at Wimbledon in her first attempt in 1962.

Between 1961 and 1979, Billie Jean won a unsurpassed 20 Wimbledon championships, including the singles in 1966-8, 1972-3 , and 1975. She also won 13 US titles (including four singles), 4 French championships (1 singles), and two Australian titles (one singles).

Billie Jean was a champion US tennis player winning a total of thirty nine grand slam titles in an memorable career. she moreover contributed a key part in fighting for larger equality between men's and women's tennis.

In nineteen sixty seven she was chosen the "Outstanding Female Athlete of the World". In nineteen seventy two Billie Jean was selected Sports Illustrated "Sportsperson of the Year" Cheap Jerseys From China , the very first lady to get this honor; then in 1973, Billie Jean was called "Female Athlete of the Year".

Billie Jean established the first profitable ladies' professional tennis tour. she founded tennis seminars for needy youngsters. For Billie Jean?s assistance to the game when President of Tennis-America, Billie Jean King was given the National Service Bowl.

Of Billie Jean?s 39 grand slam titles 20 were achieved at Wimbledon. Billie Jean had an aggressive, eager style. Billie Jean strike the ball very hard and was agile to come to the net. It was this sort of tennis that perfectly suited the Wimbledon grass courts. One of her great challengers, Chris Everett said that Billie Jean?s main shortcoming was Billie Jean?s impetuosity.

Billie Jean first was seen at Wimbledon in 1961 as a youthful tennis woman by the name Billie Moffit. she went on to compete at Wimbledon on twenty two times over a interval of twenty three years. she was a firm favorite of the masses and in the beginning was better well-known at Wimbledon than in Billie Jean?s domestic country of America. she played a totality of 265 matches at Wimbledon in both singles, doubles & mixed doubles.

In 1974, she participated in one of tennis' most prominent confrontations - dubbed the battle-of-the-sexes. Bob Riggs was a ex- number 1 tennis player. Now fifty five he proclaimed that the men's game was so superior to the ladies' game that he could without problems defeat any of the best ladies players of the time. Originally Billie Jeanwas apprehensive of playing as she thought if she lost it would put women's tennis back fifity years. But, once Robert Riggs defeated Margaret Court (who certainly was a impressive adversary of Billie Jean King and defeated Billie Jean?s twice in grand-slam final) Billie Jean King accepted the challenge at Houston Astrodome - Texas.

The game was watched by a crowd of over thirty thousand and as many as 50 million on TV. It was a media sensation and Billie Jeancame up the winner beating Robert Riggs 6-4 , 6-3 , 6-3 .

All through Billie Jean?s career Billie Jean King campaigned for superior pay and recognition for women tennis players. In her early days Billie Jean was especially judgmental of the ASA tennis authorities for their promotion of mock amateurism. Billie Jean was a keen defenders of professionalnis. For Billie Jean?s labors connected to elevating tennis she was ranked number 5 on Sports Illustrated's "Top 40 Athletes" list for appreciably changing or elevating sports the last 40 years she was also named as one of the one hundred most influential Americans of the 20th century by the Time Magazine.

In 1974, Billie Jeanwas appointed the first president of the ladies' Tennis Association. Billie Jean lead the first professional ladies' tour, the Virginia Slims Cheap Jerseys China , in the 70s. She was voted to the Worldwide Tennis Hall-of-Fame in nineteen eighty seven and acted as captain of the USA Federation Cup team during the 90s.

After retiring she has laboured for GBLT and a keen supporter of lesbian and gay rights in America .

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