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Europe For Schools is a family run business with over 30 years of experience in organising school trips, study tours and tour packages to Europe.

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It continuously amazes me how many otherwise diligent, conscientious and together people can totally drop the ball when it comes to taking care of their body well.

The Disconnect

There could be other reasons for this phenomena Leandro Barbosa Suns Jersey , but I believe the main disconnect is ignorance or confusion. The second most problematic issue is motivation. In our society we are taught to put ourselves last, and people mistakenly apply this moral idea to their bodies. For whatever reason, the vast majority of people are neglecting their bodies and consequently they are experiencing body system breakdown.

You overcome ignorance when you understand how your body's systems are being compromised. You move beyond the motivation barrier when you accept the fact that you cannot be any good to anyone if you don't first take good care of your self - body, heart and mind. Only then can you really begin the journey to optimum health and wholeness.

The Beginning of System Breakdown

The digestive system is made to efficiently process food. It has everything it needs. The problem is we are giving it many things it doesn't need! In fact we put so much nasty & unnecessary junk into our stomach that our digestive systems become clogged up. It is a scientific fact that most people have at least 5 lbs of toxic waste in their intestines. If you are overweight, you probably have even more. Some people have been found to have up to 60 lbs of health destroying toxic waste in their intestines. Obviously that isn't good.

This toxic waste lines the walls of your intestines & keeps you from digesting food and getting the proper nutrition from it. Obviously this affects your overall health because the cells in every part of your body depend on this system for nutrition. Also, when your cells reproduce, they don't have the proper ingredients to create new healthy cells. You can see how this creates a terrible domino effect on all the systems of your body. Intestinal disease is the leading cause of death in America.

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